Sunday, May 13, 2018 (Court Day #150)

Today would be a short one. My nephew was having his 1st Communion at 10:30, so I opened Derby Park but needed to leave by 9:45 to get home, shower, get ready and be at the church before 10:30.


Cathy, Kim, and Tom S. warmed up while I finished blowing off the courts. 

Kim invited me to round out their court and after some additional warm up, Cathy and I were teaming against Kim and Tom. It was a good game. Kim and always challenge to play against. I was not playing sharp. I had a few drop shots fall short into the net. And most of the ones that got over were high enough to be attacked either out of the air or after the bounce. Not good. Cathy and I lost 11-6.

No one was waiting, so we mixed up the teams and played again. Kim and me this time. It should have been a lopsided game. Kim is stronger than Cathy and I’m stronger than Tom. And at first, Kim and I were up 9-4. But they came back and tied it up 9-9. After a little back and forth, Kim and I finally closed out the game 12-10.

I checked my phone for the time: 9:45 a.m. on the nose.

”Andrew can join us.” It was Dean inviting me to play in his game. Drat! That would have been great! Alas. “I’d be honored, but I have to go,” I explained. I called over to Stuart. “Stu! It’s all you!” He called over, “The passing of the torch!” I’d asked Stuart to close Derby for me since Dave Allenbaugh is out of the country and John P. had Mother’s Day plans.

Off I went, a bit disappointed in my play and sad that I couldn’t stay to try and improve on that.

Maybe I can get a private evening game together this week.

Number of days on a court: 150
Number of total hours: 420

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