Thursday, May 24, 2018 (Court Day #152)

I haven’t been playing much pickleball lately. And it’s not for lack of desire. Staffing at our family’s business took a dramatic turn for the worst some weeks ago. This week, Monday started it off with a 13-hour day. Tuesday, 12. Wednesday, 13. 38 hours in three days. This kind of schedule leaves no time for pickleball. Today was only a 9 hour day. I left to get some exercise.


I got to Skypark a few minutes after 7 p.m. I spent a few minutes on the bench with Kris until a game opened up. She was playing left-handed. She shared that she’s has severe tendinitis in her right wrist. Obviously, she loves playing pickleball to be out there left-handed.

I played decently tonight. I pushed the envelope on my serves—missing some—and failed a number of times on my forehand slice service returns, but overall, I was satisfied with play. I had some really excellent shots that happened very quickly. Had someone asked in advance if I’d be able to make those shots, I would have said “no way”. Then again, I had some easy shots sail long or wide. Just lame. But still, overall, pretty well.

I asked Rob the time. “8:46.” We stowed the net and hit the road.

Number of days on a court: 152
Number of total hours: 423

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