Thursday, December 16, 2021 (Court Day #445)

My son Nicholas—home for Christmas—accepted my invitation to play tonight. He hadn’t played pickleball since pre-pandemic, a couple of years. By the time I got home, changed, and picked him up, it was 6:50 p.m. when we pulled into the Skypark parking lot. There was even a spot in the lot; it was cold and it was a lighter crowd.

Diehards playing on a chilly December evening.

There was a middle-aged man at Skypark last week who was super familiar. Filipino, I think. I couldn’t place him at the time and there wasn’t a convenient moment to ask. Tonight, I figured out who he is. David. David is the neighbor of some very good friends of my wife and me, Richard and Laurie. Whenever there are birthday parties in their grassy common area, their neighborhood turns out. David said that Laurie told him that he should have been at the last event since I spent much of it talking about pickleball paddles!

I played a few games with Nicholas. One was against David and a man named Glenn. Nicholas and I lost, as you’d expect with a partner with very little experience and a two year hiatus. But it wasn’t a blowout.

We played another game and I felt guilty serving. I scored probably 4-5 points in a row off my serve getting returned into the net and more such points here and there throughout the game. But given that I was playing with a green and rusty partner, I had to take what I could get to make it an even game.

I also had a series of fun and challenging games against and with Paul, Matt, and their friend Dan.

I did return a couple of serves into the net. Not good.

Lights off at 9:30 and the stragglers all when home.


My right knee is bothering me just a little bit, not not enough to bother me when playing. I’ll take it!

Number of days on a court: 445
Number of total hours: 2,168.5

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