Thursday, December 30, 2021 (Court Day #448)

There are good days and bad days. Today? Frustrating.

I left work a few minutes before closing, went home, changed and was out to Skypark by 6:30. It was cold. If you exhaled deeply, a cloudy fog would hang in the air and drift.


Tonight was underwhelming play on my part. A few failed poaches. A few slams into the net—turning winners to losers. Several returns that were too deep and sailed out. And while we were racing to finish the last game before the lights clicked off at 9:30, my partner served and I remembered just before I was about to hit the ball that I needed to let the service return bounce—in my exuberance to keep the game rolling, I stepped in . . . dumb!

Sure, there was a game of Tim and me against Nate and a new guy Colin (tennis background) where we won 11-0. And there was another game where my partner and I were up 7-2, so I played the rest of the game lefty. We still won, but it made the game closer.

The lights clicked off at 9:30 as expected and we were done.

Nate Erne

I’m envious, Nate (as my partner) had a winning Erne shot against Tim; a forehand Erne shot down the middle. And, while solid, he’s still relatively new. To date, nearly five years in, I have no Erne shots. But I’ve never tried. Maybe that’s a goal for the new year coming up. No more chances for 2021, this was my last play for this year! Next year will be my five year anniversary of playing pickleball!

Number of days on a court: 448
Number of total hours: 2,176.5

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