Tuesday, April 28, 2022 (Court Day #489)

I arrived at Skypark after work at about 6:45 p.m. The courts were busy. The first court I ran into had Paul W. on it as well as his young redheaded daughter, Mallory. By the looks of things, Paul’s daughter is about eight years old. And she was doing a decent job of getting the ball back over the temporary net although occasionally the ball would end up sailing into the court nearby. I hit the ball back-and-forth with them for a few minutes—though she was hitting more to her dad next to me, a foreshadowing—and then I managed to get into a game on the adjacent court. 

First Game

I played with David from Aptos as my partner, the one whom we have common friends, against Wendy and Weezy. Before the game started, the two ladies consulted at the baseline for about 15 or 20 seconds. David and I were wondering what they’re talking about. It didn’t take too long for me to figure out what their strategy was. This was the first game I’ve ever played where my opponents very, very clearly avoided hitting the ball to me at all. The ball was just not coming to me. I was watching it go to David over and over. I think I may have touched the ball a total of 10-15 times the entire game—plus my serves. As it was, we still won the game 11-0. 

Harder Games

Once that game ended I looked across the courts and saw that a game between Casey and his dad Tim against firefighter Matt and Glenn had just ended. Hoping, I trotted across the courts and Glenn was ready to step out anyway, which he did.

Matt and I went on to play four games against Casey and his dad Tim. The first game was decisively lopsided with our side scoring only a few points. But I have to say, these are the games that I love. All the players are stronger players, plus I’m playing against the strongest players on the court (aside from myself). Each game that Matt and I played against Casey and Tim, we improved the score ratio. By the time the fourth game rolled around, it was getting dark. This pickleball game was also rather lopsided—but this time it was lopsided in the favor of Matt and myself. This was quite a surprise . . . and I just happened to record this one. Since Tim was playing copyrighted music, this video has to be watched on the YouTube website (versus embedded here). The wind blows the camera wonky in the beginning but don’t freak out, it happens only a few times during the game, so you won’t get too seasick!

Wind Down Games

I went on to play with fellow named Daniel against Aaron (both part of the Matt and Paul clan) and a young fellow named Mike. I was tired, cold, and not as focused . . . the skill level of my companions in this game was a step down. It was also getting windy enough to push the ball around the court for some shots. Im glad there was no video for these games! We finished our third game and checked the time: 9:29 p.m. Sure enough, the lights clicked off shortly thereafter.

Saturday, April 30, 2022 (No Play)

With my Players brand paddle on its way to its spawning grounds for repair, I’ve been playing with my ProKennex paddle. This morning, I woke up with pain at my elbow—my outer elbow. That’s tennis elbow. I’ve been battling minor “golfer’s elbow” on the inside of my elbow for months. But this level of pain—while still relatively mild—is new. Perhaps this is serving as a good test to compare the success/failure of each paddle dealing with tennis elbow. I’ll be playing at least another few outings with the ProKennex.

I went ahead and looked up the FedEx Ground tracking for my paddle and it says it was delivered yesterday to Players Pickleball in Bellingham, Washington. We’ll see how quickly it gets turned around.

Number of days on a court: 489
Number of total hours: 2,300

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