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Stickin’ with Derby

Sunday, June 28, 2020 (Court Day #352)

The knee that I tweaked last weekend is still not 100% but it has improved quite a bit. Enough to play on.

Even with people not going to Derby Park, since I’d suggested to Dave Allenbaugh and Josh on Monday about going there anyway and trying to “restart” that locale since Brommer has been overly busy. I wanted to fulfill my obligation and not possibly leave Dave and Josh hanging.

As I pulled up at 9:08, there was a truck parked out front with the license plate “MAREE”—there was no question that this truck belonged to Mark’s wife! As I walked in, I could see Grita entering the gate to the courts. She and Maree were talking as Maree continued to set up her ball feeder for training. As we debated what to do—stay or go to Brommer—Tom M. came in. We had four!

As we worked through our first game, Jan (the relative newbie) came in and stood and watched. We’d spend the rest of the morning rotating the five of us in games.

At about 10:30, Maria, barefoot Terry, Sue (the teacher) and Jukka—whom I haven’t seen in forever—arrived with a net bag in tow. They said this was the third court they’d been to. Apparently Scotts Valley and Brommer were too busy. So they came to Derby with their own net. I’ll admit that I was a bit jealous of their foursome—just with the lack of newbie. They only played with their foursome.

A group of 20-somethings—one guy and three gals—came and played using one of this city nets. They were obviously novices and played only amongst themselves.

The last game—after Grita left to go “babysit”—was Mark and me against Maree and Tom—we won, but only 11-7. I was expecting a bigger difference.

At a quarter to noon, it was time to go. I was off to do a brief work-related project then home to figure out our clothes dryer that stopped working yesterday afternoon. Bleh.

I can say that I’m getting a better and better command of spin left-handed. I’ve won points outright with spin shots that never make it back over the net. That happened at least half a dozen times today. Maree, Tom, Jan—all of them.

I was very tempted to try out my right arm. But even with it feeling a little better this past week with more regular icing and roller massage, it’ll still give me twinges of pain when I do certain actions. I’m thinking of getting a elbow compression sleeve. There’s also a wrist vibration dampener that someone suggested on the Facebook Pickleball Forum. I’m a bit skeptical, but maybe. There’s also a new paddle out, the Players Pickleball Rogue2 Gel-Core Paddle which is supposed to be really good for tennis elbow—but my ProKennex was supposed to be really good too, and maybe it does help, but it certainly didn’t suddenly cure my problem and if it made a difference, it was hard for me to notice.

An significant milestone, I’m approaching 1,000 hours on a court. That should happen in July.

Number of days on a court: 352
Number of total hours: 990.5

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Monday, June 22, 2020 (Court Day #351)

Binh texted me last night and requested an 8:30 start at Brommer Park. I was a few minutes late, but there was plenty of room. As a weekday, there were significantly less people than yesterday.

Binh, Josh, Dan and I played games together for at least an hour before we started rotating in and out other players.

Josh and Binh on the wall. Dan and Chris chatting.

To fill one of the vacant courts came a family. A dad, a mom, and a 20-something daughter. They were relative newbies. (Hmmm. Rereading this later, I realize that that was a pun!)

Wayne had brought a box of donuts. That’s a good way to endear yourself to others—food!

A tall man with white hair and his wife—probably late 50s—drilled a bit on a court by themselves. One of our group invited him to play with us. His name is John and he and his wife are from the Central Valley somewhere. They came for a few days to escape the heat, they said. John played with Chris and Binh and I were the opponents. John held his own. We played two games and I think Binh and I lost both close games. Maybe we won the first, I don’t remember. I was the “mistake maker” for our team. I held my tongue and didn’t tell John nor his wife that I’m playing left-handed. There was nothing to gain. I might never see them again.

The last game was with the dad of family group, George is his name, and Dave Cox against Binh and me. Binh and I took a quick lead—George want near as strong of a player as the other fresh face (John)—then we got lazy and let them get closer. Then we wrapped up the game. George was a perfect example of a less experienced player trying to be too fancy with spins and tricky shots than just getting the ball over the net. He hit a few shots into the net or out of bounds that way.

Like yesterday, at the end of the session, we were down to seven players on the courts and with no one to fill out an other game, it was time to head out. 12:25 p.m.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 (No Play)

Well, aside from chronic tennis elbow and right ankle that has not fully recovered from getting rolled at least two years ago, I tweaked my right knee—going up and down stairs is painful—and also pulled my left hamstring a bit. Also my left triceps is sore; that hasn’t been an issue at all, surprising since that has been my paddle arm and has been betting more use than ever since I’m naturally a righty.

Number of days on a court: 351
Number of total hours: 988

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A Lazy Sunday

Sunday, June 21, 2020 (Court Day #350)

I didn’t even try Derby Park and went right to Brommer this morning. I arrived at 9:15. (My hunch was right, Dave Allenbaugh later said he’d gone there and found no one.) The courts were overflowing with lots of people waiting. There was a group of four tennis players using the tennis court, so we couldn’t set up any temporary nets there. (Given there still is no official SCPC club play, club nets are out of the question—only personal nets brought by players.)

Brommer busy as COVID-19 restrictions slowly lift.

I had taken my chances showing up without prior arrangement of partners, but I was able to rotate into games. With the number of people and only four courts, there was some waiting involved . . . much like what happens when there are 50 people and 8 courts.

Games were fun. I wasn’t playing fantastic and there wasn’t much memorable in the day.

We were down to seven players on the courts and with no one to fill out an other game, it was time to head out. 11:50 a.m.

Number of days on a court: 350
Number of total hours: 984.5

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