Friday, July 28, 2017 (Court Day #51)

I arrived at Brommer Park a few minutes after 9. The courts were already busy.

John P.’s wife Diane was there! I opted to play with her against her husband and Mike. We lost but we didn’t get completely crushed. Diane has tennis experience and that showed, plus she’s played a few times before, I believe. She’s still figuring out when to be up and when to be back, but has good hand/eye coordination.

I sat down next to Rich and asked how his shoulder was doing. I could tell from his delay in responding that it wasn’t improving. I answered for him, “Same-o, same-o.” I believe I overheard last time that he was going to have to have surgery. “From the back, I thought you were Kevin earlier,” he said. “You made some nice shots.” Kevin and are about the same height and have similar brown hair color. He’s probably got about 10 years on me and I have about 20 pounds of flab on him! What’s funny is while playing one game, a ball rolled into our court and even Dave Allenbaugh yelled, “Hey, Kevin, ball . . . oh, Andrew!” Anyway, to have my play mixed up with Kevin’s by Rich is very high praise. Kevin is a better player than I am.

I gave Terry Long the datastick that I’d prepared for his wife Karen. While she suggested that they’d both watch it together, Terry smiled and volunteered that it’d be a good idea if he didn’t—being married and all!

Dave A. and I played against Gary and Bev. We got to 10-3 but just couldn’t put them away. They got back to 10-7 and finally finished off the game, but it went back and forth.

At about 10:45, a woman signed up as an “Intermediate” (the lowest available) and it was her second time out. No one was signing up with her, so I did. (Hey, I was a newbie not too long ago.) Another woman, also only played twice added her name. Jerry Louis was willing to be the fourth and we were onto a court. Jerry and I definitely took it very easy on the two of them—he on one side of the net and me on the other. One woman (with a tennis background) was definitely strong than the other but both were obviously very green. But they had a good time.

The last game was a young guy (30?) named Clay from Los Gatos. Clay’s about 6′ or 6’1″. We took on Barb and Judy. For this particular game, we won handily, 11-2. We both played really well. Clay is a quiet and humble guy. Had I known he was as strong a player as he was, I wouldn’t have suggested, “Guys against girls!”

At about 11:15, I was off. Duty calls.

Number of days on a court: 51
Number of total hours: 146.5