Monday, July 1, 2019 (Court Day #278)

38th day out playing lefty. Tennis elbow.

I had asked my son Nicholas last night if he’d like to play pickleball this morning. He said he would. He must have truly enjoyed Thursday night. Back at it for more!

I got a bulk email this morning from the Santa Cruz Pickleball Club inviting us to purchase a new annual membership for $20. I didn’t hesitate! I paid my dues within a few minutes. (Later in the morning, when I asked, Karen Long told me I was probably #10 of those officially registered as members.)

Nicholas and I got to Brommer Park by 9:15.

About an hour into play, I tweaked my back. It was difficult to lean over. Had I been by myself, I would have called it a day, but I didn’t want to mess up Nicholas’ third outing playing pickleball.

I introduced Nicholas to a handful of people in the club. It was funny, I had three different people at different times tell me that they thought I was too young to have an adult child! (Nicholas is my witness to this!) Heck, I was 29 when he was born, it wasn’t like I was a teenage dad or something!

Nicholas and I got in a game with John P. and Tom B. During the game, I hit two left-handed forehand drives low and hard over the net for immediate winners. On the one crosscourt to my right was out of reach of John. Beth Black called through the fence, “That was solid!” “Left-handed too!”, I replied. “I know!” then she went on about how it’d be an advantage to be able to play with both hands.

We left at 12:15. In the car ride home, Nicholas told me, “There are a few things I need to fix.” I told him, “I’ve been playing for two and a half years and I’m still fixing things!”

I really did a number on my back. Not as bad as a couple of times in the past—I can take off my socks without intense pain—but still it’s still painful and uncomfortable. Hopefully, it won’t last long. Ouch. I hope I can play on July 4!

Number of days on a court: 278
Number of total hours: 766

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