Thursday, October 24, 2019 (Court Day #316)

72nd day out playing lefty. (Tennis elbow.)

Today was the first day in weeks where I had a strong desire to get out and play pickleball. I’m not sure why the feeling is back, but it is.

i left work 10 minutes before closing, at 5:50. I was hoping to be at Skypark 15 minutes early, but that didn’t happen. I pulled up at 6:26, still early, but not really early. A number of games were already in full swing. I didn’t have to wait long for a game. My first game performance wasn’t anything to write home about.

I was waiting at one point with four others and I was thinking we should just set up a net in the last (8th) spot, which we did. I spent virtually no time tonight waiting to get into games. I rolled from one game to another to another.

Carol, who’s been playing left-handed due to a right shoulder injury, called over and said, “I aspire to get as good as you.” She on her way, she’s doing surprisingly well.

After a game as partners, Stuart admitted, “You’ve got skills.” That said, I popped up a lot of shots. Those were balanced with some successful hard shots.

Carol, the one who calls me her “inspiration” played a game with me against Stuart and Mark Dettle. We lost 11-2. We had a rematch and went up 3-0. Then I figured out what was going on, they were playing lefthanded like us—well, almost, Stuart was still serving right-handed! I don’t blame him, serving lefty is miserable for me. Carol and I won 11-1. We played a third game, this time normally with them playing righty. Nonetheless, Carol and I won 11-8! What do you know! Mark said afterward that switching back to his right after playing with his left messed him up a bit.

What’s amazing is I nailed a number of drop shots tonight. I was really impressed with myself. Drop shots! Crazy. Left-handed.

After a great battle of a game between Mike and Mark against (male) Terry and me, Mike said, “I don’t even know how you do it.”

I tagged both Mike and Mark tonight with body shots.

I narrowly missed a lefty backhand ATP shot. After the game, Mike and Terry both said they’d never done an ‘around the post’ shot. I, on the other hand, must have a dozen or more now.

The last game wrapped up at 8:47.


Friday, October 25, 2019 (No Play)

I bit the bullet today and placed my order for the ProKennex paddle—and a couple rolls of gel grip tape which someone on the Facebook Pickleball Forum said would also help dampen the ball impact vibrations. Pickleball Central has a discount code that gives buyers 5% off and also rebates an additional 5% back to the Santa Cruz Pickleball Club. Win, win.


I’m excited! New paddle! It’s been almost a year since I bought the Prince Response Pro paddle, my last paddle purchase. It already shipped and says it should be here by Monday.

Number of days on a court: 316
Number of total hours: 883.5

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