Adventures of Andrew Lenz and a Yellow Ball

Two-on-One, The Return to Skypark

Friday, April 23, 2021 (Court Day #371)

Yesterday, I sent out an email to a bunch of players who I have seen previously in Scotts Valley inviting them to come tonight at 6:30, a bit more manageable time for me since I work. Robin said she and Ray were interested if we started at 5:30 instead. Allan had responded and when I asked, he said 5:30 would be fine too.

I arrived at Skypark at 5:37, as much as I tried to be on time, I was late. (With my car in for repairs, our household was down to one vehicle.) I spotted a number of people at the courts. Allan and Sharyl were waiting for me. Two courts were full of people whom I’d never seen before. Robin and Ray weren’t there and never made it, unfortunately, so we had three. Sharyl had a big smile on her face, it was nice to see her again—it had been probably a year.

But it worked out. “Two on one” turned out to be better and more fun than I was expecting. Sharyl clobbered Allan and me. Allan beat Sharyl and me by a few points. The longest game was Sharyl and Allan against me. It was probably a 25 minute game. I lost 11-9, but it was back and forth.

By 6:51, Allan was ready to go. He said he had played this morning and had done swimming as well, so he was tired. The original eight strangers had left and two new strangers had arrived and had been playing on the opposite side. I asked Sharyl if she was interested in playing more—as in joining the strangers—but she declined.


I asked Sharyl who else had access to the lights key and she said Mark (D.) and Kristin. Then she offered to give me the code to get to the key myself. Nice! Well, I am a site coordinator for the Santa Cruz Pickleball Club after all, though the SCPC territory doesn’t technically include Scotts Valley though there is a lot of overlap of players. It’s nice to have that option.

When I got home, my wife asked what was wrong. Normally, I’d be hope closer to 9 p.m. than 7 p.m. Alas.

Oliver shows how I looked myself when having to leave after only about an hour of pickleball.

Saturday, April 24, 2021 (No Play)

Someone posted this online. I just thought it was interesting.

Rain is predicted for tomorrow. I’ve been keeping an eye on it and it has pushed back a few hours, though there is still a 45% chance of rain by 10 a.m. Hopin’.

Monday, April 26, 2021 (No Play)

I posted a video that I took yesterday. (It was rainy enough to keep me away from the courts.) I recorded myself using two paddles—one in my left and one in my right—hitting a ball at targets in my garage.

Here’s the actual video and discussion on Facebook:
And, boy, switching hands is still super controversial and contentious!

I watched this short video on YouTube. Many pickleball players fail to do this in a game: study, think, adapt.

I’m lining up some players for Friday night at Skypark. I have some committed already.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 (No Play)

A fellow named Trent Aaron posted this photo about paddles, saying, “Makes switching easier and is under board review for official tournament approval! Early adopters inherit the universe!” Now, I wasn’t too sure what to make of this. Serious? Joke? Granted, there are “switchers” out there—I’m one—but, uh, is there any demand for a paddle for two handles to make it easier to switch? It seems like a dog with five legs. I’m not convinced.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 (No Play)

I invited my brother John to pickleball on Friday night. He’s never played. He said he’d check with his wife.

Today was Alain’s last day at work. He’s going to concentrate on doing 3D animated graphics and video which he’s been studying for quite some time.

Thursday, April 29, 2021 (No Play)

I got my second (and last) COVID-19 vaccine shot yesterday. Aside from a sore arm where the shot was, I’m doing fine. Some folks have a fairly strong reaction to it—chills, fever, vomiting, severe fatigue—but aside from being a little tired last night, I am doing great.

I’m looking forward to playing again tomorrow night at Skypark!

Number of days on a court: 371
Number of total hours: 1,054

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  1. Collin B.

    Hi there,
    I’ve be reading some of your posts which are awesome! Thanks for all the sharing of your experience. I was wondering if you know if people will be playing at Sky Park today on Thanksgiving?

    • andrewlenz

      Hi Collin! Thanks for reading! I bet there will be people at Skypark. I’ll be at Brommer Park this morning with some other Thanksgiving turkeys! See you on the courts sometime!

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