Tuesday, January 4, 2022 (Court Day #451)

I had one of my staff to close up our family business for me and I was walking onto the courts at Skypark at 6:00 p.m. sharp. It was pretty misty and would gradually become the most misty I’ve ever seen it at Skypark with billowing clouds rolling across the courts! By the time I left just before 9 p.m., you couldn’t see from one end of the court complex to the other!

On the near court: Sharyl and Rob versus Mike B. (red) and Kristin L.

My first game was with Ann (thin Eric’s girlfriend) with two new guys. But beforehand, she seemed to be leading drilling with a group on two courts. I was expecting a game when I walked up, but I ended up drilling with them for a few minutes.

The drill involved two players started at the kitchen hitting a ball back and forth. A designated player would attempt to hit the ball into the opponent’s kitchen via a drop shot and then take a step back after each successful drop shot landing in the kitchen . . . so the drill got more and more difficult. Then it’d alternate, resetting at the net so the other player was the “dropper.” At first, this was done straight ahead, then it was done crosscourt. This was eye opening for me, as a number of my longer drop shots were landing a bit past the kitchen line. I need to work on this!


I had two games with Tim as my partner against Rob and Kristin. We got killed in the first game, but did far better in the second.

The games of the night were Paul and me against Mike B. and Rob A. We played game after game with the same partners. Paul and I actually won game. I expected to lose every one. Those were challenging and fun games . . . aside from the frustration of my periodic bad shots.

There was volley crosscourt I thought it was high enough and attacked it—right into the white tape. I had a number of shots strike the white tape—it’s like my brain subconsciously aims for it.

What did I learn?

Ugh. So much work to do to get better. I really wish I’d video recorded these games. If it hadn’t been wet and under lights, I might have tried it.


My arm is doing well. I’ve been religiously using my forearm strap, never playing righty without it, and it seems to be helping. When I finish playing, there’s an impression left in my skin for a while. I haven’t iced my arm after playing for a couple of weeks, but did tonight, just in case.

Thursday, January 6, 2021 (No Play)

I didn’t play tonight. We had a family party for one of my brothers for his birthday this week.


I’m going to share a somewhat irrational annoyance. When we restarted club play at Derby in recent months, a new policy for site coordinators regarding the donations envelopes was in effect. In the past, I’d just hung onto them and turned them in when I ran into an appropriate SCPC board member on a court—once or twice a month typically. The new policy is taking a photo of the envelope after each session—which is marked with the park name, date, amount, number of players, and initials (it’s supposed to be two sets of counter initials)—and sending the photo to two board members. Now, this seems a waste of my time. I’ve never lost an envelope in my years as site coordinator—if I did, I’d cover it out of my pocket. Could I make time to do this every week? Sure. (I make time to write this blog, right?) Do I want to? No. It seems like ‘busy work’. Anyway, I shared my thoughts with Mark (new president), John P., and Leslie. Mark said he’d bring it up to the board and see what they think. Maybe it’s time for a new site coordinator. The level of play at Derby on Sundays is not as strong as I’d get at Brommer. It’d be nice to sleep in on Sundays and have more flexibility.

Number of days on a court: 451
Number of total hours: 2,186.5

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