Tuesday, May 3, 2022 (Court Day #491)

This afternoon I got notice from Players Pickleball that my repaired paddle and the new carbon paddle will be shipping out today and they sent me a UPS tracking number. My communication with Macy there was excellent. With a little bit of luck, my paddles will arrive before I leave town and head to North Carolina for my son‘s graduation from the masters program at Duke University.


It was a very warm day today considering it’s early May, and when I arrived in Skypark after work at about 6:50, it was still warm enough to sweat relatively easily. When I was home for lunch earlier, I packed a water bottle with some ice, so my water was still a little bit cool even after spending an afternoon in my hot car.

My first game was with Matt B. against his friend Paul W. and Eric (husband of Ann). It was a good warm-up game.

Tim and his son Casey walked over right after Matt and I had finished our game and asked to take on the winners. The winners were Matt and myself and I was quite happy that I got into game with Tim and Casey. Those are always good games. Matt and I went on to lose that game but it was very close. Matt stepped out for the next game and his friend Paul became my partner for the next game. This game was not nearly as close, and it was a lopsided loss.

Tim and Casey called it a night. Janet called me over and she and I played against Paulie and his short Swedish friend Maria. Even with me playing lefty and Janet making uncharacterIstic mistakes, we won. Not a surprise. We switched it up with me playing with Maria against Paulie and Janet. Before we started, Maria turned to me and said, ”You’ll have to be patient with me … we played before, you were very patient and kind.” Did we win? No, but it was very close.

The Yreka Connection

The newer player Chandler was back tonight—along with her husband Alec whom I got to meet tonight. I told Chandler that had looked at my dad’s 1960 Yreka High School yearbook—which I did on Sunday night—but I didn’t find anyone with the last name of Lay or Martin—names who Chandler said last week were her relatives and should have graduated that same year with my dad. I did, of course, find my dad’s photo:

My dad, high school senior, aged 19.

I am very familiar with that photograph. When I was young enough to think 19 was old, this graduation photo in a frame in the hallway at my grandparents’ house in the very small town of Montague, California… the population was just over 400 then. Now it has exploded to a whopping 900 people. My grandfather, John Lenz, was mayor of Montague at one point…maybe in the 1960s. My dad claimed they elected him because they wanted my grandfather’s engineering skills for free—John designed dams and assorted water facilities. I believe he designed Montague’s sewage treatment system. My dad said his dad would shake his head when the Army Corps of Engineers would do some project. Like changing the course of a river. The story goes that my grandfather would know to have boulders placed in very specific locations then let the flowing water do the hard work of moving (literally) tons of dirt and shaping land accordingly. Things like that and using the natural flow of water to reduce power usage. The Army would do things the hard way, working against water instead of with it. My grandfather was very intelligent. He didn’t waste words and, while pleasant, you had to prompt most conversations. But I digress!

Last Game

Last game of the night I was partnered again with Swedish Maria. The game was against Matt and his friend Paul, and I was expecting to lose that game fairly badly. But much to all of our surprise, Maria and I went up to lead via score of 7 to 2. But that was not to last and Matt and Paul managed to tie up the score 7-7 when the lights clicked off at 9:30. Maria was doing much better coming up to the net and she definitely has good hand-eye coordination.


My elbow seems to be doing a little better today, but I iced it when I got home nonetheless. I checked the UPS tracking tonight and it says my paddles should indeed come on Thursday. Good news.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 (No Play)

I checked the UPS tracking on my paddles and they are still expected to be delivered tomorrow.

Online, I saw part of a video clip of a TV interview with famous tennis player, Serena Williams.

I tracked down the interview:
In it, she says she loves pickleball. Ellen Degeneres, the interviewer, then chimes in that she loves it too. The surprise is Serena. Many tennis players are almost embarrassed to admit that they play pickleball. But who is going to try and shame the greatest women’s tennis player of all time because she says she loves pickleball? Yeah, not any sane person!

Thursday, May 5, 2022 (No Play)

My paddles arrived today!

Mummified in eco-friendly packaging!

I was excited, of course. I will admit that when I unwrapped my old paddle, I was disappointed to see that they didn’t put my custom grip wrap back on.

Handles prior to overgrips.

My wife who keeps our house organized, moved my new pickleball grip from a year or two ago to somewhere that I couldn’t find. But she managed to track down a tote bag of my assorted pickleball stuff she hung on a nail in the garage.

Very happy to see these guys!

The happy news is not only did I have one new handle overgrip for my old paddle, I had three, so more than enough to do both paddles. Excellent!

After wrapping the handles, I realized that I can’t blame Players for not rewrapping my handle. That grip tape is very sticky and after a year and a half, the grip no doubt tore when removing it.

The texture of the face of the new paddle seems a bit more “grippy” than my old paddle. I should have expected that, but I didn’t even think of it. Even if they started the same, you’d expect the face to smooth out with time.

Crazy Questions

Not infrequently, you see questions online which are eye opening. Such as this one…

Yipe! No doubt some know-it-all player somewhere was claiming it’s illegal to return a serve into the kitchen. We have to remember that half the population is below median intelligence. I don’t blame the person asking the question—he’s obviously a newbie—I blame the smarty pants giving out crappy information to others when, in fact, they have no idea what they are talking about!

Flight to North Carolina

How to drive your wife crazy. Say you are going to wear your halloween costume shirt for the cross-country flight! I won’t, of course. But it’s fun to get a rise out of your spouse!

My son Nicholas is graduating from Duke University’s masters program, so we’re traveling for the ceremony. We’re taking a redeye flight tonight. Yes, I’m packing my paddles!

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Number of days on a court: 491
Number of total hours: 2,306.5

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