Friday, September 30, 2022 (Court Day #556)

I left my house I realize that I had forgotten to send an business email that needed to be sent yesterday. So I stopped by work and took care of that then continued on my way to Brommer Street County Park play and arrived at 9:10 a.m. I took one of the last three parking spots. As is typical, all the courts are completely full and a number of people are waiting.

Play Time

I went through a variety of games today although none of them were with top-tier opponents. Maybe that was good, since I was not playing my best. I started out with a reasonable amount of energy but after an hour or so I started feeling tired. Maybe it was a combination of playing last night and I didn’t eat breakfast either—though skipping breakfast is typical for me.

I hit some of my serves out, I hit a number of “out balls”, some of my drop shots landed in the net . . . it was just not on par.

Wai was playing pretty well today. He has a pretty deceptive delivery of the ball. At times he makes it look as if he’s going one direction and sends the ball a different direction—he is very slippery!

In a game against Wai and Joe C., Wai angled a dink shot tight crosscourt to my right. I sprinted to the net, barely got to the ball and had to take it around the post, which I did. And I hit the ball into Joe’s torso. Joe was pretty amused. I’d never hit a player in the torso with an ATP before.

12:17 p.m. and it was time to go.

Aches and Pains

My left hip has been bugging me the last week. A few days ago, reaching out with my left leg getting out of my car significantly hurt—as it did while really reaching for a shot today. The outside of my right knee was briefly flaring up too. And as I mentioned yesterday, the inside of my right wrist is sore.

Partner Disaster

René texted me at 6:10 p.m. with some bad news. She was out running and rolled her ankle! The PT was saying two weeks of rest . … not conducive to our tournament in less than 48 hours. René did say she has a friend named Kris Kuppe who might be able to take her place . . . but I’ve never met Kris. Tournaments are ruthless. It’s like blood in the water. If Kris is a weaker player, she will get attacked and I won’t see the ball much. (But, heck, if I have a bad day that could be me!)


My wife Kristen, son Nicholas, and I opted to visit an art opening hosted by a friend, Paul, on the lower westside. While there, we bumped into my wife’s co-worker/friend Lisa and her husband Ethan. Kristen had mentioned to me recently that Ethan’s friend had bought him some pickleball gear. Of course, pickleball came up in tonight’s conversation. While I was chatting with Ethan about pickleball and his work, Marvin from the Skypark courts appeared. I hadn’t seen Marvin for a few months, but we immediately recognized each other and waved. A couple minutes later he came over and told Ethan, “Andrew is the best instructor, if you can get him him to teach you, do it!” Sounds like I made a good impression with Marvin with my informal tips when we played together in Scotts Valley.

Partner Disaster Revisited

René texted later and said Kris would be able to play. Then she texted again later and said she might recover well enough to play on Sunday . . . though I suspect that is a long shot. I emailed Mike Hoxie, the tournament director, and he said he’d need to know who my partner will be by 6 p.m. tomorrow at the latest.

Can Two 4.5 Players Take Down a Single Pro?

I thought this video was impressive. I remember a game of just me taking on two brand new players and I had to hold back to keep rallies from ending too quickly. That’s one thing. Taking on two advanced players while covering your side of the net by yourself is an entirely different thing! I’d expect the pro to unquestionably lose. Watch the video.

Saturday, October 1, 2022 (No Play)

René called me and said her ankle is still bad and the tournament is out. She said Kris would play—or not—play as my partner as needed. I opted to go ahead and play. The plan is to meet Kris at her house in Palo Alto and car pool the mile or two to the courts. It’s easier to meet someone you don’t know somewhere other than a venue with hundreds of random people!

Funny Local Video

Gary S. (Terry’s husband) made a video and asked Ted B. to share it and I was on Ted’s email list:

And someone shared this cartoon online today…

Given the paragraph I wrote above yesterday about aches and pains, too apropos!

Number of days on a court: 556
Number of total hours: 2,507

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