Sunday, November 27, 2022 (Court Day #563)

I arrived early at Derby Park to set up. The weather was nice for a late November day. I was in my normal attire of a T-shirt and shorts and was quite comfortable.

When I got to Derby, I realized that I had forgotten my knee brace. I happened to mention it to Ted and he dug one out of his backpack. “I haven’t used it for three years.” He kindly offered it to me and it provides far more support and compression than the one that I was given from my dad. It also does a better job staying in place and sliding down far more gradually.

Advanced players were slim to none, though Eric S. arrived around 10 a.m. Later, Rob A. arrived, but I didn’t get the opportunity to play with him. Rob mentioned that knee braces help him avoid aches and pains.

I left about a quarter to noon to meet up with my son. I asked Ted if I could borrow his knee support for a few weeks and he agreed. A good guy, Ted.

Holiday Parade

Tonight, I sent out a notice to the entire club providing details about our participation in the annual downtown holiday parade on this coming Saturday, December 3. (I had sent out a “save the date” email a week and a half ago on November 16.) I’m hoping that good number of people will respond that they are coming . . . it’d look bad if we only have a few people in the parade!

Number of days on a court: 563
Number of total hours: 2,527.5

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