Sunday, January 1, 2023. (Court Day #568)

It rained significantly last night, but it was sunny this morning. The problem with January is the sun is low in the sky. There was no way that the courts would be dry by the 9 a.m. start time. I emailed out a 1-hour delay notice to the club.

When I got to the courts at 9:30, six people were there drying the courts with towels. I had brought a broom from my house to sweep water off the courts. It was an ongoing battle.

Drying towels.

It would take hours for all the courts to dry out. And even then, bizarrely enough, the court at the far corner had water coming up through the cracks in the surface.

Partway through the session, I realized that I’d forgotten to put on sunscreen. A rarity. I was more concerned about the wet courts than I was with my own personal preparations!


Hugh and I played a few games against Rick and René. We won all three and were leading the last game 10-0 until they scored a couple of points to make it a slightly more respectable 11-2 loss for them. Hugh has gotten so much better in the last few months.

Still Busy

The big issue for me was the sheer number of players still around when I wanted to leave as it neared 2p.m. Nicole was hosting one group but they were using three club paddles which I had to collect. But they were understanding.

Some people were so desperate to play, they set up the two old horrible city nets that sag badly.

Oh, well. I couldn’t stay, I had things to do at home.

Wow. Still going at 2 p.m.

Number of days on a court: 568
Number of total hours: 2,543.5

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