Tuesday, January 17, 2023. (Court Day #573)

I had PT this morning and we learned an interesting thing. When the PT doctor Matt used tape to pull my kneecap down, it almost completely eliminated pain in my knee when I was doing the exercises. I left that tape on all day, so it was in place when I headed to Skypark after work.


When I arrived shortly after 6:30 p.m., it was 48°F when I pulled up into the parking lot. Things were pretty busy with all the temporary nets set up and all eight courts being used.

It probably took an hour or so before I got into some games with all strong players. I spent this evening playing with Paul W. and his friend Matt with assortment of players as our fourth.


We played the last few games with a youngish guy named Chris who’s tall and thin with curly black hair and heavy stubble. Chris has quick hands and gets around on the court very well.


Paul drove a ball hard at me and, fortunately, instead of my face, it hit the brim of my cap then my protective glasses—knocking my cap off in the process. I was no worse for the wear, but Matt, Paul, and Chris were very concerned. I assured them that I was fine. “That is one of the reasons I wear a cap all the time!” (And eye protection!)


Tonight, I had a regular problem judging the height of the net, since I hit the white tape with the ball 14 times. Yes. I kept track. Tonight was bad. Playing under lights has its challenges for me. It’ll never be my favorite.

It is 43°F as I headed home after the session. I want to play again soon to rinse my performance tonight out of my mouth. I had my moments, but overall I was not pleased with my performance.

One bright spot is my right wrist. It was still sore, but it wasn’t super bad. It did hurt noticeably for one or two shots tonight, but it didn’t bother me quite as much as I did last week on Thursday.

Matt is suffering from mild tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow on the inside of his forearm. I strongly recommended to him that he pick up Black Ice cooling pack and also the Bandit forearm strap. We’ll see if he heeds my advice.

Paul and Matt and Mike chatting over beers.

Number of days on a court: 573
Number of total hours: 2,553.5

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