Tuesday, August 29 2023 (Court Day #606)

This morning, Jean Yi, the reporter, texted me with a link to her finished article in Lookout Santa Cruz:

Well-balanced and accurate. She didn’t use any quotes from me from our interview at Brommer Park, but she interviewed a bunch of people. If I said something controversial, I’m sure I would have been included!

Near the bottom of the article, there’s a photo of Larry serving with Mark Dettle on his left as his partner.


As I pulled into the Skypark parking lot shortly after 6:30 p.m., I could tell things were quite busy. Fortunately for me, a car pulled out right as I pulled in, otherwise I would’ve had to park a couple blocks away.

As I walked in, it was as busy ever seen it. In fact, it got so busy that Mark Dettle fished out the signup board out of the storage bin. I never seen that used at night. (I suspect that it’s common on Saturday mornings there.)

Players signing up for games and waiting. That’s Rob A. and someone I don’t know on the right.

With that many players and with no means of sorting skill levels, you just sign up as best you can. There are a lot of new names and faces, so I just signed up and hoped that I would end up with some good games.

I have number of people inquire about my absence and explained my knee surgery to about half a dozen times to various people. It was nice to be missed!


Two or three of the overhead lights above the courts are burnt out. It’s really a shame as it makes it harder to see the ball and one court in the corner by the entrance is actually quite dark. There are a few times when I lost the flight of the ball for lack of illumination.


David was there but he said his girlfriend Minori is traveling in the Pacific Northwest. I saw David on a court with Casey and his dad, Tim and also the tennis coach Tim. I was very jealous. I would love to be in the game with those people. As it was, I didn’t play with any of them tonight. Avery was there along with his girlfriend Massie, who remembers my daughter Charlotte from Santa Cruz High School.

One fun game was with Mike (Colin‘s dad), against two young guys, Ryan and Jonathan. In a game earlier with Simon against Jonathan and Scott, Simon had warned me the Jonathan hits hard. He hits somewhat hard, but definitely not on the same level of David or Matt Smith. Mike and I found ourselves down 2-3 to Ryan and Jonathan but we came back to win. That was on a better-lit court and I was playing better.

Overall, I fell to my play tonight was still on the sloppy side.

The lights clicked off at 9:33 p.m. I got in a good three hours of play, which was great.

Daughter and Pickleball?!?

When I finished up at Skypark, there was a text from my daughter Charlotte: “Played pickleball for the first time. Would play again.” She included a photo—which she asked me not to share—with her standing on a court posing with two female friends on either side. When I pointed out that she played pickleball in middle school, she replied, “I guess like a million years ago.” (More like 12 years, but who’s counting?) Charlotte is very competitive and at 5’9″ is tall for a female, so she could be really good if she plays regularly.

Number of days on a court: 606
Number of total hours: 2,665
Number of paid coaching hours: 2

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