Sunday, April 28, 2024 (Court Day #651)

About a month ago, Yesenia a.ka. “Jessie” had posted on the Facebook group about today being a “swap day” at Derby Park so players could sell or exchange pickleball gear that they no longer wanted. The only thing is, today was the day of the Moneyball tournament at Skypark, so Jessie and others are at Skypark instead. Regardless, I brought two backpacks and a pickleball paddle protective case with a shoulder strap to sell. Using Adobe InDesign, I made up information sheets about the items which I taped to the plastic that they were in. They are all new, they just weren’t exactly what I wanted after I ordered them. I brought those today.

It was a beautiful sunny day today.

Derby Park

I arrived to Derby Park at 8:50 a.m. and got about the setting things up, and blowing off the courts. Val and her husband Stan very kindly set up the one needed portable net.

Especially with a tournament, today was not that great as far as getting strong games. The bright spot was when Hugh arrived. I hadn’t seen him for months.

With Hugh, you have to be very careful about your shots. If you leave them up just a little bit too high, he will take full advantage and make the ball very hard to return. He was great for crosscourt shots as well as drives that hug the sideline. He just needs to be more consistent. Hugh and I were the best players there today out of the 40 or so who came.

My back was tight, I stretched it out while sitting on the bench waiting for a game.

The last game was Hugh and myself against Charles and Ted. Now, this is a different Charles, a local regular, but not the really tall Charles. Hugh and I won, as expected, and the game finished up at 12:02 p.m.

It was time for me to go especially since I needed to get home on time so I could shower because, with a family event at 4 p.m., I wouldn’t have time for that after teaching. I took down the dry erase board, collected the donation money, put the balls away, put away the tote bag containing the waiver sheets, and took down the only portable net and stowed it. I was in my car by 12:15 p.m.

By the end of the session none of my items had sold, so I gathered them up and took them back home.

I continue to be very jealous of the players who can go to Brommer Park and play. Being the best player or one of the two best players, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. It can be kind of boring. The rallies just don’t last very long.


At 12:45. I was on my way to Aptos to teach. This would be my final class with this group. With all the delays—rain, road closures—we only got three classes instead of four, so I’ll have to cover a little bit more material in a shorter time.

I was expecting seven students. I had asked early on for the students to let me know if they couldn’t make it, but I ended up with just four. It worked out, but still I couldn’t help but think, “Am I a bad teacher? Do they not think it’s worth their time to come?” But Susana was a good balance to my inner insecurity voice, telling me that I’m an great instructor and she’s looking forward to taking more classes with me.

Next month will be my last session at Willowbrook, then I move to Skypark in Scotts Valley in June. I will say, I won’t miss this every Sunday driving back to Santa Cruz after class…

My knee was mildly aching. I should have iced it in the evening, but it slipped my mind.

Monday, April 29, 2024 (No Play)

With traveling to Las Vegas in June for work, I want to get out and play there. I had reached out to the USA Pickleball ambassador for that ZIP code, but I got no response. Places2Play listed the Plaza Hotel as having play so I reached out to them as it said, but also got no response. I decided to use Facebook instead. On Friday, I joined the Las Vegas Pickleball group and made a post but it was denied by the moderator. The good news is that the moderator, Sheryl, reached out to me a few days ago and asked my skill level. I told her 4.0 and she said I should go to Sunset Park…

Unfortunately, I’ll be traveling or working in the mornings, so evening it will have to be. She did reply that good players come in the evenings too.

Sunset Park. Quite the amazing complex!

Posted in the Las Vegas Sunset Pickleballerz group was this video, which I think is helpful.

I think we should do something like this for the SCPC venues—though probably without the game video at the end!

Number of days on a court: 651
Number of total hours: 2,794
Number of paid coaching hours: 31.5

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