Tuesday, May 14, 2024 (Court Day #661)

So, there are up days and down days. Today was a disaster. My first game was paired with Avery against Sean and his brother Danny. I had no warm-up and went directly into the game—but that is little to no excuse. That game, I hit at least three shots wide outside of the sidelines—two to the right side and one to the left. I was just not playing well at all. It was embarrassing. About two-thirds into the game, it seemed as though Sean stopped hitting to me and started hitting Avery so he could continue the rallies. Ugh. It was so bad.

The rest of the night wasn’t so great either. While I had my moments, overall, it was crappy.

Paul, W. shared a drone shot that he took of the courts at 5:45 p.m. today:

Aerial view of the courts.

I ended up in a game with Shaya (Mauricio’s wife) against Aud and Jax. I hadn’t played with Jax before. He’s a good player. Shaya and I lost. Then Jax played with Shaya and I was with Aud. Shaya started playing better. I kidded her after a good shot, “Why did you make shots like that while you were playing with me?” Shaya said she was “in her head”. There is definitely a mental aspect to the game.

After those games, Shaya complimenting me, saying that my hands are “so fast”.

It was weird, at 9:11 p.m., there were only four of us left, Tim Handley, Matt, and Paul. Everyone else was gone. Maybe everyone came early and left early. That last game of the night was us. Tim wasn’t playing his best and I already said I wasn’t playing my best either. We still played somewhat respectably, but I think we lost 7-11.

Number of days on a court: 661
Number of total hours: 2,821.5
Number of paid coaching hours: 34.5

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