Tuesday, April 25, 2023. (Court Day #590)

I was still a little bit sore from my play on Sunday, and my right knee was far from 100%, however, I decided to play tonight in Scotts Valley anyway. I ended up talking to a sales rep for a good chunk of time after closing time at work so I didn’t get to Skypark until 7:15 p.m.

I was easily able to find a parking place. When I walked in there were people hanging out on the bench at one end and people also hanging out on the bench at the other end . . . even with one court open! I quickly got into a game with Mark Dettle and Scott and another player by the name of Andrew—all regular players in Scotts Valley.

I played with Scott against Mark and Andrew, and there is no question who was going to win that game. I believe it was 0-8 before we scored a point. It seemed that Scott was still warming up and was making more errors than I was, though I had far more than I’d like regardless.


Binh had showed up and I was able to play against him in my second game. I forget who our partners were but they were both easier players. I forget who won that game but the loss was not on Binh and not on me.

My third game was Mark G. and myself against Binh and Scott. It was not my best game, but it was not Mark’s best game either. We lost that one.

Scott and I went on to play in against Casey and his dad Tim. I was not expecting us to win and we didn’t. That was a pretty lopsided game. We went on to have a rubber match and while Scott and I went ahead initially, Casey and Tim came back and won that game.

I went on to play some more games with Matt, his friend Paul, Aaron, and Tim.

In the first game of Matt at myself against Paul and Aaron, it was a fairly close game. However, the next game that was not to be the case has Matt and I decisively won that one.

There were some fun games.

When the last game was finished, I asked Matt the time, and he said was 9:22. Aaron and I were definitely ready to squeeze in another game—or partial game—but Matt was ready for a beer.

Hanging Out

Tim, myself, Paul, Matt, and Aaron, all hung out and talked about paddles for a while. Seems that the Legacy paddle is the new latest thing that everyone wants. Even Tim, who is the Selkirk representative with his demo paddles, was saying that he really likes the gritty face of the Legacy paddle. I just went on for a little while and it was shortly before 10 p.m. when I hopped into the car and headed home to ice my hand.


I’m still a little bit rusty as this is only my second outing in nearly a month, but I wasn’t playing horribly. The back of my right hand is still uncomfortable and sometimes painful. But, surprisingly, not as bad as it was on Sunday. My right knee continues to hurt a little bit. I’m really hoping that the surgery in June will take care of it. Binh was saying to expect three months from the time of surgery before I’m out on the court and really playing seriously. “The way we play…” Yeah, it’s not easy for either of us to not be competitive!

Number of days on a court: 590
Number of total hours: 2,605
Number of paid coaching hours: 2

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