Sunday, April 30, 2023. (Court Day #591)

It was a beautiful day outside and when I arrived in Derby Park, 10 minutes before 9 a.m., little Barbara had once again set up everything so the courts are ready to go. I told Barb that I felt kind of guilty that she had done all the work. She smiled and told me to not to get used to it because it wouldn’t happen every time.

Advanced Game?

I rotated through a number of weaker games and I didn’t get to sign up in a color-coded Advanced game until close to 10:30. And when we got out on the courts for that first game, I overheard the two women in our group talking about one of them being a beginner. I asked if it was true and turned out that indeed one of them was a brand new player. Given the busy nature of the schedule board and the complexities of trying to correct the error, I told them that we would just go ahead and play with them anyway, which Eric and I did. He went with one player and I went with the other. The game was as you’d expect.

Ah, Advanced.

The good news is that for the following two hours, I was in good games with good players. A nice surprise, Dave Debiasi showed up. That’s fun, Dave plays well and has surprisingly fast hands at the net. Dave said he had come hoping to get in some good games and he was pleased that he got some.

We wrapped our last game about 1 p.m. then I counted the donations and chatted a few minutes with Dan Dewey—we have a lot of “Dans”!—and Charles. Dan talked about his two knee surgeries and he’s going to be having a total knee replacement . . . that’s a very serious surgery! I locked up the SCPC bins and was heading home at 1:20.

Nagging Injuries

The back of my right hand is hurting quite a bit. And I could feel the inside of my right knee. Icing the back of my right hand after play has been a necessity the last couple of months.

Number of days on a court: 591
Number of total hours: 2,609
Number of paid coaching hours: 2

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